collective, dedicated to the promotion of fine art photographers that expose the dominant male gaze.


Mind over Matter

Roula Seikaly for femxphotographers.orgArt Direction: Studio Basic
2022. 176 pages, 122 ills.
ISBN 978-3-7757-5317-3



Kommunale Galerie Rathaus Johannistal, Berlin
Opening October 22nd, 7 pm
Exhibition October 23 - November 28

An intimate portrait, a documentary excerpt, a burlesque pose or a cinematic scene - the photographs in the exhibition Mom, I am a rich man are as diverse in content and aesthetic as the femxle artists who made them.

They are united by their affiliation with the international collective femxphotographers.org, which was founded in 2018 with the goal of increasing the visibility of femxle photographers and non-binary cultural practitioners in the art world. In addition to collaborative projects, exhibitions, and books, they support each other in their individual artistic careers, refer commissions to each other, and change the culture industry through solidarity from within.

Mom, I am a rich man is a quote from an interview with pop icon Cher, in which she replied to her mother's advice to find a rich man, that she herself was a rich man. By interpreting the "rich man" as a metaphor for power and hegemonic structures, Cher ironically emphasizes her own independence and strength. Inherent in the photographs in the exhibition is also an emancipatory force. They literally show new images of the body that challenge our habits of seeing, and at the same time break with the clichés of "women's art."

The group exhibition is the gallery's first presentation under new management. Milena Mercer began her work in Treptow-Köpenick at the end of August 2021 and is excited about this energetic start. "I am a big fan of this collective, not only because they make great art, but because they are actively addressing the ills of their professional field by creating a network. Their lightness and humor are then the icing on the cake for me." In addition to the opening, there will be a curator's tour on the last weekend of the run, as there will be for every exhibition from now on.


Installation Shots by Paula Winkler