Jennifer Greenburg

Jennifer Greenburg is an Associate Professor of Photography at Indiana University Northwest. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MFA from the University of Chicago. An emerging artist, Greenburg continues to gain the steady attention from curators and the press.

Greenburg has two main bodies of work, The Rockabillies and Revising History. The Rockabilles (2001 – 2009) documents a sub-culture of America. The Revising History series began in 2010 and is ongoing. It is evolving as a counterpoint to the earlier work; Greenburg has become disillusioned by the form of documentary photography, and is now inserting herself into found vernacular images from mid-century America in an effort to undermine the cultural tropes the original celebrates.

I intend for this series to engage the audience in a conversation about the way we interpret the media, record personal memories, and establish collective history… [this] is a study on photography, the nature of the vernacular image, and its role in creating cultural allegories. – Jennifer Greenburg

Revising History is a body of work made by replacing the entire central figure in found-vernacular photographs, with an image of myself. I do this in order to call attention to the power photography has in creating cultural mythologies and in contributing to historical revisionism​.

Source: JDC Fine Art